Terms & Conditions


  1. Cycles parking beyond the 24-hour permitted parking period will automatically incur charges for each additional day at the prevailing daily rate.
  2. Any repeat visit to the cycle park in the same 24-hour period will be subject to a further charge.
  3. Spaces are subject to availability and are issued on a ‘first come first served’ basis, unless pre-booked.
  4. Sekura-Byk Ltd reserves the right to cancel your account without notice at any time, in which case the balance on your account will be refunded. £1.00 administration fee applies.
  5. Should you lose or damage your access fob, please contact us Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 on 01603 620720 or email [email protected] for advice.
  6. The access fob deposit is refundable upon return of the undamaged fob.
  7. Gate/cycle locks will not be released if there is insufficient credit on your account.
  8. Any cycles parked continuously for more than six weeks will be removed to a secure storage area prior to possible disposal. Sekura-Byk Ltd will endeavour to contact you prior to such removal. Cycles removed will be given to a charity.
  9. The use of the cycle park is entirely at your own risk. Sekura-Byk Ltd does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property howsoever caused.
  10. Pre-booked locks are only reserved and available for your use up to 1 hour before your booked start date and time. Any overstay will be charged at £2.00 per lock per 24 hours.
  11. Using your own cycle lock to secure your bike to the locks or the enclosure fencing without using the system will result in your bike being removed and will be subject to a retrieval charge of £25.00 plus storage fee of £1.00 per day.
  12. To access the gate and lock(s) using your mobile you must be within 3 to 5 metre range of the cycle park with GPS enabled on your mobile.
  13. Pre-booked parking cancellation policy:
    a. Full cancellations notified at least 24 hours prior to your booking start date and time will be subject to a full refund less an administration fee of £1.00. Credit refund will be made directly into your wallet.
    b. Full cancellations notified less than 24 hours prior to your booking start date and time will not be refunded.
    c. Partial cancellations are not permissible under any circumstances.
  14. Account closure and fob deposit refunds:
    a. In the event of an account closure, our accounts department will be notified. You will then be refunded any remaining credit from your wallet to your bank account.
    b. Fob deposit will be refunded in full once we receive your fob in full working order.
    c. Refund to be issued within 10 working days.
    d. Refund will be subject to an administration fee of £1.00.
  15. Monthly pass terms:
    a. Monthly pass is the equivalent to 30 calendar days.
    b. Non-refundable under any circumstances.
  16. Quarterly pass terms:
    a. Quarterly pass is the equivalent to 90 calendar days.
    b. Non-refundable under any circumstances.